Praise God!

Monday, January 19, 2009

On Thursday night Alex and I received some fabulous news. There was an offer on our house in St. Louis Park. It was a little low mind you, so we calculated our bottom line and sent it back. Well after a little negotiation on Friday and a crazy, roller coaster of emotion, we had a buyer, a price was settled upon and on Saturday, while sitting in the Office Max in Destin, we signed the papers. We have a closing date of Feb. 16th, $10,0o0 in earnest money, and full faith that this will go through. Contingent upon inspection is the only caveat. This might be good or bad depending but considering the St. Louis Park inspectors just passed everything, we are not too worried. They happen to be some of the most detailed and difficult inspectors in the cities. Pray with us as we praise God for his abundant provision and that this all would go through smoothly.


Jake said...

I will definitely pray that everything goes through. I'm really happy to hear about this. It is really great news. I was sincerely troubled for you guys after hearing about your situation from Alex. you must both be sleeping a little easier now. did you know that you can make all of your blog entries upload as notes on your facebook? it's pretty cool.

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