Happy Birthday to you!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy 30th Alex! The 20th was Alex's birthday along with his parents 41st Anniversary. We were down in Destin, FL visiting his parents on our, what seems, annual Florida trip! What a year to turn 30 and what a day to do it on. Alex has always shared inauguration day with the new president, but what a day this year. With the inauguration of Obama, we all from 11am on were glued to the television screen, listening closely, taking in history. After we were able to pull ourselves away we went out as a foursome to a great restaurant overlooking the ocean, Commander's Palace. It was a great place to eat, delicious food, great ambiance and a birthday hat to boot. Upon finishing dinner, we headed back to their condo where Alex and I proceeded to take a nap. Dinner and a movie followed and overall it was a great day. Some say turning 30 is a milestone for some, well based on my observations, I think because of the events in our lives this past year, turning 3o was not only a milestone, but left much to look forward too! We all love you!


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