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Friday, January 9, 2009

I love packing, repacking, and then packing it all over again. I am known to have all of our clothes laid out the week before, lists made two weeks before, and the suitcase ready and waiting. You could say I get a little excited to go on vacation!
Next Saturday the 17th, Alex and I are heading to Florida. Every year we head there and it always seems to be our most budget friendly vacation (must be why we get so excited) We are heading first down to Destin to visit Alex's parents who are staying there for Jan. and Feb. This is their first time staying for an extended period, so we are very excited to see them! Then midway through the week we are shifting gears, renting a car, and heading to Tampa. My parents have a condo in Tarpon Springs right outside of Tampa, and this is our usual destination. With an average temp of 70 it beats 15 here in Minnesota. Give us some golf clubs, a couple books, a pool, and some pina coladas and we are set for a fabulous week!
So if you were wondering, yes the lists have been made, packing has started and we are ready for the flight!


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