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Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't know about you, but I don't *love* cleaning. Before we got married, I was always known among friends and family as the one who was well, a little messy...clothes strewn all over the place, piles upon piles of papers, etc.

I remember when Alex and I were dating he often wondered if I really was a clean person. I would often tell him, "Honey I am clean, really I am, it's just that I have moved 8 times in the past 6 years, so I never put things away because I know I will be leaving again!"
This is the honest truth...once we were married and I knew we were staying put and that I could decorate, organize, etc. our house, well then I wasn't as messy anymore. I think having at least two roommates at every given time, really puts a hamper on how much you really can put your stamp on.
Ever since we have put our houses on the market, cleaning has become a number one priority in my life. I must say I am learning to love it. Why because the house looks so darn fantastic when I am finished...just like the feeling after a workout, eating a delicious meal, your heart after soul renewal. Everytime I finish, my heart is renewed because I cared for Alex and our home, and our house is clean. So I thought I would share a site I often visit of a woman who has this whole housekeeping/cleaning thing down pat...I mean, she makes me want to clean:) I'm talking about Katie over at Hyper Homemaker. She is truly amazing. Though I pale in comparison, I thought I would offer up a few of our favorites. I keep all of our cleaning supplies in a handy caddy so I can move everything from room to room.
My favorite cleaning products:
-Homemade vinegar and water mixture for wood floors
-Method Countertop spray for counters, stainless steel, just about everything
-Large floor mop with removable terry cloth cover from Menards (we have two covers, one for dry sweeping and one for mopping)
-and of course, Lysol wipes for all those groady germs:)


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