The Brogles

this is us.

 over 5 years ago we fell in love.  not your average love story, but it's ours.  
we fit together like we were made to be that way.
i'm going to believe that we were.

slowly i'm coming into the woman i want to be.  the one who is so comfortable in her own skin.
finally i love myself, in a way that makes me a better person.
day by day, i work from home.  caring. tending. loving. extending. overflowing.
and i love every minute of it.  but not as much as i love jesus.

i'm head over heels for the man whose captured my heart.  that's alex.  
he's my jelly to my peanut butter.  contractor, designer, handyman extraordinaire.
and the best part is he loves jesus too.  and he's serious eye candy.

that's us.  living our decidedly simple but wonderful life.
'til death do us part.

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