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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas has come and gone and it was so special to spend some really good quality time with family and delve into some great conversations. But the after affect of Christmas, especially when it lands in the middle of the week, is well quite difficult. Alex and I have been trying to get back into the swing of working this week...though I must say he is doing a much better job:) We have been busy trying to get everything put away, cleaned up and cleared out. but if you looked in our family room, well the tree is still there. Oh well. But we were really blessed with what we received, much more than we had even anticipated. I am really excited to begin using the new food processor I received and find some great finds at William Sonoma with my gift card. Also I am excited to use the new red toiletry bag for trips. Alex is excited for his golf galaxy gift card to be used, so much in fact i was given a list to go and buy things today for our trip:) He also received a great rain suit top for our Europe trip and some new clothes. On another note, we have gotten so much snow in the past couple of days that the remodeling project is beginning to seem like a nightmare. Now the problem exists is that it can be quite difficult to make it up the walkway without slipping...we are really thankful for boots. But we are really excited to see what the end product will result in! Hopefully someone else will fall in love with it as much as we have! I am hoping once we return from our trip to begin posting some of the adventures in the kitchen as well as pictures from trips and of the house. I am really looking forward to this new year and am so thankful for where the Lord has us this year. We have really been blessed!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well this marks our first blog post and we are really excited to get started, while maybe I am more than Alex:) Lately we have been busy getting ready for Christmas...last minute gift shopping, baking, getting the house decked out, and visiting with friends and family. Today we spent the day relaxing as the show came down. Currently, I believe we are in a winter storm warning for blustering winds and blowing snow. It was quite cruddy out this we stayed in and watched football and other random shows... I ventured out of my realm to bake a special Christmas dessert for tomorrow night. We are having Alex's parents over for Christmas eve dinner and I am excited to show off my first ever buche de noel. Our dinner menu consists of family favorites: -Honey baked ham -Sour beans (a German tradition) -Parmesan potatoes -Garlic Parmesan pull aparts -and of course, buche de noel for dessert:) We will be getting back from our church service a little later so dinner will be simpler, but amazing! We are also trying to get ready for our trip. We are going to Florida for a 12 day vacation. We are really looking forward to a vacation to relax. We will be in Tampa for 6 days and then in Orlando for the final part of out trip. I am really excited because we made reservations today for a great restaurant the California Grille in the Contemporary Resort. Well have a great night!

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