We have a camera thief...

Friday, March 12, 2010


Yup, you read that right.  Alex has taken the camera and called it his own.  For work, that is.  Yup...any chance of taking a random picture or using a camera at all for me will now be with my phone.  Not at all ideal.

The scenario went kind of like this...

Me:  "Honey, do you know where the camera is?  There are some things I want to take pictures of."

Alex:  "Oh, I'm using it for work now.  We'll have to figure out something else for you.  Sorry.  I guess you can use it if you really need it but then I need it back, ASAP!"

Um...WHAT!!!  I feel naked without access to a camera.  That may sound silly especially since I am not an avid picture taker.  But there are things not only for the blogs but for other life situations, that I like access to a camera.  So what to do?

We've had an in-house robbery and are now trying to figure out how to remedy the problem.  That's where all of you come in.  We have loved our Canon elph for so long, in fact it's the one Alex uses.  But for a long time I've thought a D-SLR camera would be the way to go, so we could also slowly try to start taking more in-house pictures of remodeling projects, rather than hiring out someone.  And, of course, I'm always up for a new hobby:)

That being said...now we need help.  We've realized that there are groups of people.  Canon lovers and Nikon lovers.  We don't want to spend a fortune and we'd love to utilize Costco as our store of choice.  Reasoning, we are trading in a couple of our ancient Apple I-Books in their recycling program.  Bonus, they will pay us for them in the form of Costco Cash.  This will then be used to offset the cost of the camera.

When we bought our last Canon Elph it was around $200 so we'd like to stay under $500 if possible for our D-SLR.

If you have one or have used one, can you please weigh in on your opinion regarding these 3 choices.  We are definitely opting for entry level at this point. 

1.  Canon XS with 2 lens
$599.99 with both lenses and a free $300 printer

2.  Canon XSI with 1 lens

3.  Nikon D3000 with 1 lens


Now for my questions:

1.  Is live view necessary?  Both canon's have live view capabilities and for shooting at odd angles on project sight, this seems useful?  Thoughts?

2.  Is the wider LCD screen better?

3.  Anyone have experience in beginner D-SLR cameras?  Or have one of the above?

4.  Is a second lens necessary for a beginner? 

And so it begins...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tomorrow we will be signing the closing documents on our 2nd investment property.  Most of you I am sure, are shaking your heads, wondering what planet we are from given our last experience.  Let me explain...

This is the house:
Isn't she a beauty:)

We are very excited to get started and get our hands on the inside of this house.  It's around 2000 square feet on the main level with around 800 to be finished in the attic and another 1200 finished in the basement.  Total square feet, around 4000.  

Here are some answers to some questions we have been asked:

1.  Do you remember last time?  Why on earth are you going through this again?

We do remember last time...vividly actually!  This time around we are far more financially secure, have   a kitty to live on and back up funds in case our budget is not set correctly. God did an amazing work last time, showing us that he not only provides but he is where we need to place our trust.  It's like anything in life, after going through something extremely trying the next time is usually easier.

2.  How on earth is this time better?  Were you planning this?

This time is better because we live in an apartment, our living expenses have been cut in half, and we have been saving, planning, and praying towards this next purchase.  Selling our house on the lake was a very big move in planning for this next flip.  In fact, that is why we sacrificed on price and chose to just get rid of it.  We wanted our money that was in it, out, so we could invest it somewhere else.  So yes, this has been in the works for some time.

3.  Are you nervous it won't sell?  When will it go on the market?

Since our trust is not fully in the housing market, no we are not nervous it won't sell.  We not only have enough room to lower the price multiple times but we also know that at the end of the day we can always move in.  Though that is not our first choice.  It will hopefully be ready to hit the market mid-summer in time for the fall market.  That being said, we trust our agent and we know the area, it's still moving.

If you have any other questions...please ask. 
I'm going to be posting pictures, 
plans and progress as the house unfolds:)

How we eat?

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm lucky to be married to a man who loves vegetables.  If you asked me when I was younger if I thought that in my late twenties I would be drooling vegetables, I probably would have fallen off my chair and gotten myself injured.  I was a picky eater.

I liked cucumbers, peanut butter, buttered noodles, baked chicken, corn, and my grandma's strawberry jam.  It was that bad.  Ask me if I wanted Taco Bell...I would have ordered a shell with lettuce.  McDonalds...I would eat the burger, plain without the bun.  Macaroni and Cheese...well I didn't know what that really was until I was in junior high.  That bad.

As I've grown older my taste buds have changed for the better, fueled by a love for farmer's markets and an abundance of food photographs that make food look amazing.  I realized I hit the jackpot when I got married.  He loves food, well loves to eat, and he prefers his food on the healthy side, unless of course his mother is cooking and then it's all about the old German food.  I can't even discuss the amounts of bacon grease and butter that are involved, but let's just say the final product, is so very good.

That brings me to what we eat.  Every meal for the most part has a vegetable most likely both in the dish and on the side.  We eat 1-2 meals a week that are vegetarian and in the summer we are known to eat lots of salads for dinner.  Only things we don't really like...any type of squash...weird.

Favorite vegetables right now...

-Baby bok choy    
-Red Peppers
-Green Beans

If you need some good recipes, I have a few sources that never let me down.  


How do you eat?   What is your favorite vegetable and are you/were you a picky eater?

How loud is too loud?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love music.  I need to preface that...I love listening to music.  Any type for the most part, though I tend towards slow, deep music...the stuff my husband would say puts a person to sleep. 

Examples:  Sarah Maclachlan, Sarah Vaughn, Bebo Norman, Shane and Shane, JJ Heller, REO Speedwagon...anything easy listening. 

Growing up, my dad always had some kind of easy listening on the radio...that, or well country.  Both I love.  I also love a little bit of KDWB, hip hop, rock and roll, etc. I can't help it, I just do:)

But the problem is...I love to feel the music, let it overwhelm me I guess, drown out anything else that might be going on inside my head.  That's what I tell myself at least.  Because if I am driving alone in my car, the music is bound to be turned up at least halfway, if not ear deafening loud.  In fact, Alex cannot usually drive with the music at the decibel I like.

I have to imagine that this is not good for my ears.  Oh well.  Here's to listening to the music....LOUD!

How do you listen to music?  Who is your favorites to listen too?

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