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Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm lucky to be married to a man who loves vegetables.  If you asked me when I was younger if I thought that in my late twenties I would be drooling vegetables, I probably would have fallen off my chair and gotten myself injured.  I was a picky eater.

I liked cucumbers, peanut butter, buttered noodles, baked chicken, corn, and my grandma's strawberry jam.  It was that bad.  Ask me if I wanted Taco Bell...I would have ordered a shell with lettuce.  McDonalds...I would eat the burger, plain without the bun.  Macaroni and Cheese...well I didn't know what that really was until I was in junior high.  That bad.

As I've grown older my taste buds have changed for the better, fueled by a love for farmer's markets and an abundance of food photographs that make food look amazing.  I realized I hit the jackpot when I got married.  He loves food, well loves to eat, and he prefers his food on the healthy side, unless of course his mother is cooking and then it's all about the old German food.  I can't even discuss the amounts of bacon grease and butter that are involved, but let's just say the final product, is so very good.

That brings me to what we eat.  Every meal for the most part has a vegetable most likely both in the dish and on the side.  We eat 1-2 meals a week that are vegetarian and in the summer we are known to eat lots of salads for dinner.  Only things we don't really like...any type of squash...weird.

Favorite vegetables right now...

-Baby bok choy    
-Red Peppers
-Green Beans

If you need some good recipes, I have a few sources that never let me down.  


How do you eat?   What is your favorite vegetable and are you/were you a picky eater?


Lisa said...

Fun! You definitely have a variety of go-to veggies! I want to try some more experimental veggie dishes. We do however like the form of...squash pancakes and soup. Have you tried pureed squash in things? I never liked it until pureeing it and adding it to meals I would normally make without it. Thanks for the recipe links too! :-)

Alex and Andrea said...

Thanks Lisa for the ideas. I actually don't mind pumpkin in things but on it's own, squash in general is pretty unappealing. I wish we liked it though because so many recipes look good:)

Anna S. said...

Our family ate really healthy growing up, all whole wheat flour, no sugar only honey, everything was completely made from scratch. I hated vegetables then and I still do now. The only veggies I like are spinach, celery with veg dip or peanut butter, mashed potatoes, corn, and onions. Now I eat other veggies, but I just make myself eat them, lol.

Charlie and Manda said...

So can we join that food co-op yet? What did youfind. I need to be handed the stuff, then I'll cook it- I seriously struggle with the shopping.

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