How loud is too loud?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love music.  I need to preface that...I love listening to music.  Any type for the most part, though I tend towards slow, deep music...the stuff my husband would say puts a person to sleep. 

Examples:  Sarah Maclachlan, Sarah Vaughn, Bebo Norman, Shane and Shane, JJ Heller, REO Speedwagon...anything easy listening. 

Growing up, my dad always had some kind of easy listening on the radio...that, or well country.  Both I love.  I also love a little bit of KDWB, hip hop, rock and roll, etc. I can't help it, I just do:)

But the problem is...I love to feel the music, let it overwhelm me I guess, drown out anything else that might be going on inside my head.  That's what I tell myself at least.  Because if I am driving alone in my car, the music is bound to be turned up at least halfway, if not ear deafening loud.  In fact, Alex cannot usually drive with the music at the decibel I like.

I have to imagine that this is not good for my ears.  Oh well.  Here's to listening to the music....LOUD!

How do you listen to music?  Who is your favorites to listen too?


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