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Friday, April 24, 2009

So you might have already guessed that for the most part this is an estrogen driven blog. I (Andrea) do most, well, actually all the posting with some insight from the hubs. Well this is a glorious day...Alex is chiming in:) So with no delay, here are Alex's Top Ten Favorite Things!

#1 ESV Study Bible #2 Golf Clubs #3 50” Pioneer High Def Widescreen TV #4 Coffee #5 Saltimbocca from Buca #6 Chief Architect #7 Pentel Quicker Clicker 7mm Mechanical Pencils #8 Pigs in the Blanket (aka bacon stuffed thinly sliced beef) #9 Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream #10 Far and Sure his Mas Conteto Ball Marker from Kingsbarns in Scotland
and well, we all know who is favorite person is:)

Some of my favorite things!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm on Facebook. What else is on Facebook...lots of quizzes. Some are fun, some are well not so great. But one of them I did the other day were the five things you always leave the house with. bag, whatever I am reading, my phone, my keys, and my water bottle.
So then as I was thinking about that, I decided...why not post some of my favorite things! So here goes, my top ten favorite things! (in no particular order)
1. My ESV bible (personal size)
2. Land's End Lighthouse Tote
( mine is black from the overstocks with initials MSB, My bag of Stuff, not bad for $19)
3. Camelbak Waterbottle
4. Franklin Covey Planner
5. Jcrew tanktops
6. Old Navy flip flops
7. Asics tennis shoes
8. Pilot pens
9. Eight o'Clock coffee
10. Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck
Check out the food blog for my favorite kitchen items!
What are your favorites??

Our trip to Wisconsin

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The weekend before Easter my mom came over to our house in Minnesota...I love having her here. We always do fun things, like bake and walk and eat and shop. Plus she's always so helpful:) It's always a little sad when she goes home but this year I was able to go with her!! We left on Tuesday morning and headed back to Appleton because I was off of work for a week for spring break. So I was able to spend almost an entire week with my family and those three little rascals...which doesn't happen that often, or ever! Alex was set to head over on Friday for Easter weekend so I went to the doctor with the rascals, played in the yard, rode bikes, played hoops, pulled wallpaper down, shopped for my mom's house, was a busy week and oh so enjoyable. Then we celebrated Easter with the fam and Grandma and Grandpa and that was really fun! Unfortunately while I was back we found out Alex's uncle Kurt passed away. So sad:( So we made arrangements to head to Milwaukee for the wake on Easter Monday. Alex and I decided it might be fun to spend the day in Milwaukee, walking, chatting...a date day! Well who knew, Milwaukee would be 35 and windy with intermittent snow flurries. Not the day we were expecting and Saz's, the one place we wanted to go, was well, CLOSED on Mondays. Despite the gloom, we managed to have a great day complete with custard from Kopp's. Now I'm looking forward to our next chance to rediscover day:)


Friday, April 10, 2009

Tenebrae...latin for of my favorite worship services of the year.  As we near Easter, and continue reflecting on the death and resurrection of Christ, the joy and sorrow it brings, and the way it makes my heart rejoice in thanksgiving is all consuming.  I have a Savior...Jesus Christ...who has been my I glory in my redeemer!

Tonight I am looking forward to the tenebrae service at the church I grew up in...all the while reflecting on the selfless, perfect sacrifice of my Savior, entrusting to me eternal life and the forgiveness of the cross.
Happy Good Friday!

Humpty dumpty sat on the wall of Jericho

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

probably because i am more black and white than gray all over, it's very difficult for me to take a stand on more gray area topics. such as: -how much tv is too much? -where should we spend most of our time and with whom? -is this movie okay? -what kind of music should we listen to? -should we eat organic? -what kind of beef should we buy? -how green should we be? -should we paint the walls blue or green? -homeschool or public school (note: we do not have children yet!!) i think by now you get what i mean. my mind is daily bogged down by questions that remain unanswered and in all truth will probably not be all that important at the end of the day. i'm like humpty dumpty up there on the wall, not knowing what to do. i need joshua's army to come and rescue me with the blasts of the trumpet, to crumble the wall before i fall and my pieces are unable to be pieced together. i think my black and white mentality makes this even more difficult, because one way has to be the best. wow, that is so wrong. one way will be the best, but it will be what is best for our family:) can you help me...what are some ways you tackle the they fall to the wayside? do you take a stand? or do you prioritize what is most important? i think the latter may be the best way. it's so overwhelming.

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