Our trip to Wisconsin

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The weekend before Easter my mom came over to our house in Minnesota...I love having her here. We always do fun things, like bake and walk and eat and shop. Plus she's always so helpful:) It's always a little sad when she goes home but this year I was able to go with her!! We left on Tuesday morning and headed back to Appleton because I was off of work for a week for spring break. So I was able to spend almost an entire week with my family and those three little rascals...which doesn't happen that often, or ever! Alex was set to head over on Friday for Easter weekend so I went to the doctor with the rascals, played in the yard, rode bikes, played hoops, pulled wallpaper down, shopped for my mom's house, baked...it was a busy week and oh so enjoyable. Then we celebrated Easter with the fam and Grandma and Grandpa and that was really fun! Unfortunately while I was back we found out Alex's uncle Kurt passed away. So sad:( So we made arrangements to head to Milwaukee for the wake on Easter Monday. Alex and I decided it might be fun to spend the day in Milwaukee, walking, chatting...a date day! Well who knew, Milwaukee would be 35 and windy with intermittent snow flurries. Not the day we were expecting and Saz's, the one place we wanted to go, was well, CLOSED on Mondays. Despite the gloom, we managed to have a great day complete with custard from Kopp's. Now I'm looking forward to our next chance to rediscover Milwaukee...one day:)


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