A 10-Mile Race

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I've been awaiting an opportunity to really push myself mentally and physically for quite some time, the problem, well if I'm honest, not enough motivation.  I've also been awaiting an opportunity to support Pancreatic Cancer.  I found my perfect chance and I'm motivated.  Why?

For those that don't know, four years ago my step-father Jim, of 12 years passed away after a courageous battle against Pancreatic Cancer.  Though my relationship with him was always touch and go through my teenage years, I was always thankful for his place in my life.  I lived with him and my mom for years and by watching them the Lord opened my eyes to what a strong and faithful marriage was, what enduring and thriving looked like, and how to be passionate about something while also maintaining the utmost integrity.  He wasn't perfect, we all are not, but in those last months of his life, my eyes were opened to all I had missed out on in my years of adolescent angst.  I treasure those months deep in my heart.
His death was the first in my life of someone who had great impact on my life and of one I loved dearly.  I want to run for him and for all those who are affected by Pancreatic Cancer.  Why?  Because, of the 40,000 that are diagnosed a year, 37,000 die that same year.  Because of cancer research and experimental trials, Jim was able to live longer and with a better quality of life.  Every May it's still sad as our family mourns his death and yet we are so thankful that he's worshiping Jesus right now.
So I'm doing it.  I'm going to run in the Medtronic 10-miler in October.  I'm running the race, not because of me, but for him.  And just so you know, I was always a sprinter not a runner, until today.  Today I ran 7 miles, nonstop, and I will be running all the way until October, when I hope to make him proud and raise support for a worthy cause.
To an amazing man and my journey on the pavement.  I'm ready to run.

Our outdoor transformation

Monday, May 18, 2009

(note the barrel planter and window boxes)
Our house was in dire need of some curb appeal.  We have the cute window boxes and carraige garage doors already in place, but we needed a little sprucing up to make things pop.
On Saturday, Alex and I made a game plan and headed over to Menards.  So after shopping around a little, we found this was the best deal for plants and such.  Imagine our surprise, when after setting foot in the Burnsville Garden Center, their plants were not only cheaper but the best looking ones we've seen, and believe me we window shopped quite a few places...Yea!
I really wanted to spruce up our front door with a couple of urn planters, some plants, and hopefully a chance to use some spray paint.  I have been so enamored with this couple on their blog and after seeing all of their transformations, I was itching to spray.  Well we found some inexpensive planters and transformed them with a can of hammered black, glossy spray paint.  They look pretty good, I think!
transformed planter
(new planters by front door)
We also spruced up our entry stairs with some hosta plants and new mulch, while the window boxes were planted with some great green plants that will hopefully get a little bigger and fuller.  We were going to add some more plants to the boxes but instead opted to plant all the begonias in our old whiskey barrel planter from our wedding.
Next weekend we are hoping to finish the project off with a privacy fence on the southwest side of our property and a cover for our gas meter that is a major eye sore.  Stay tuned!

Weekend update

Sunday, May 17, 2009

(alex and i at the reception; university club st. paul)
We had a very busy and very fun filled weekend.  My dear friend Cassie married the love of her life John in such an amazing and beautiful ceremony on Friday night.  I was honored to be her personal attendant and to be able to enjoy the day with her.
(brittany and i)
Leading up to the wedding, this past week was a little crazy as we frantically worked hard to finish some entries for the design awards for Remodeling Magazine.  Alex finished them on Friday and sent them in but from sun up on Thursday while alex was golfing with a friend, I was working on those awards.  So after work on Thursday night we both rushed to the rehearsal and dinner, at Buca.  So fun, delicious, and full of fabulous memories.
(cassie and i; isn't she gorgeous!)
Cassie is a friend of mine that I lived with before Alex and I got married.  She is so transparent and authentic and her heart is full of love, care and tenderness.  She is also one of my very girly friends; the more pink the better, and I so love that about her:) She and John have been dating for the past couple of years and I commend her and their future, praying God would give them many years together.  You see, John has cystic fibrosis and his future is only known by the Lord.  This made their wedding even more precious and touching.
Congratulations to you as you begin to discover the joy of marriage!!

Salvation Army

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

to those two or three of you who have not heard of this place downtown, check it out...it's fantastic!  A dear friend of mine swears by this place, and now I understand.  I realize I am one of few who are finally enjoying this vast resource, but now that I've been I think I might be hooked.  The basement is a Target overflow extravaganza.  Make sure you wear a tank top if you want to try anything on, there are mirrors but no dressing rooms.

Salvation Army (basement)
900 N. 4th St 
Minneapolis, MN 
I've been there twice so far.  My deals:
- First trip:  a dress for an upcoming wedding $8, and my mother in law pulled it in so it fits perfect
-Second trip:  white jeans, LS shirt, SS shirt, wellies, and 4 t-shirts for Alex (all brand new mind you) $30
Can't beat that!

Fun with Alex and Andrea

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

have you seen Fun with Dick and Jane?  i think this movie is absolutely hilarious.  isn't that really what happens when things get a little crazy...we get a little crazy.

though we have not lost our jobs, nor are we facing the circumstances they are in the movie, one thing i relate to right now, is their desire to sell off everything they can.  remember in the movie when they have sold off everything and they are sleeping on the floor:)
well my husband has turned into a version of dick...he's dying to sell off everything we are not using regularly.  first the desk and tv cabinet, now the extra refrigerator, he wanted to sell our skis and life jackets but that was a little much...i mean, those are expensive and we might want those in a couple of years.  
i'm trying to tame him, but he's found the joy in...CRAIGSLIST.  help us!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Suburb or city...where should we live?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

So Alex and I have quite the conundrum before us if our house were to sell.  Where on earth will we go?  City or suburb?  

I grew up in the city.  I could walk to school, the park, the drug store, and all of my friends houses.  In fact, we could get to many other places if we took our bikes.  I loved the feel of the neighborhood.  There were block parties, our entire block went to Brewer's games together, we had our own kick ball/baseball bases painted on our concrete street, and kids were always looming about.  I now nanny in the city and love that we can walk to the lake, the park, the library, a grocery store, etc.  The fewer times I have to pull out my car keys the better!
Alex on the other hand, grew up in the suburbs.  He was driven to school, to friend's houses, to the park, and played primarily at his own house, with the expansive back yard.  He likes a bigger lot, being farther away from your neighbors, and the privacy of the suburbs.  
We knew this would be a big issue from the moment of our first date.  Yup, it came up in conversation even then.  So this little problem has not been a big deal, given that we moved into Alex's house in what I call "GUAM".  I mean, it's a little far...even friends are hesitant to make the drive.  But now with our house on the market, we may have to make a decision soon.
Tell us, where are your favorite neighborhoods...are you city or suburb?

Introducing Isaiah!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Isn't he adorable?

Want a deal?

Here are a couple ways to save a dollar or two right here in the cities this weekend and beyond...

Half-Price Books are a good time to pick up bargains, but at its first warehouse sale (2980 N. Cleveland Av., Roseville, 651-639-1703), all merchandise will be $3 or less, including books, paperbacks, children's books, CDs, LPs, books on tape, comics, videos and DVDs. Hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
Franklin Street Bakery (1020 E. Franklin Av., Minneapolis, 612-879-5730, www.franklinstreetbakery.com) decided to lower the price on all of its bread products to 99 cents, including loaves, buns, hoagies, ciabatta, focaccia and others, regularly $2.50 to $3.50.

Date night with the Brogle's

Monday, May 4, 2009

date night is not a new idea in our house. but we are trying to be more consistent. you see, life get's in the way. there's only so much energy. we do life together 85% of the time; working, sleeping, eating, talking. we are together a lot. hence why we need date night. because date night is not about work, food, talking, or sleeping. it's about having fun, and no computers are allowed. two happy people on date night. i like date night. this week date night was alex's choice. we rotate. then 50% of the time we get to do something we like. we are for the most part polar opposites in how we spend our free time. that's what makes life interesting, don't you think. alex chose el loro. amazing mexican food. and red box, james bond. it was really fun:) two happy people stuffing their faces. thanks for coming along. enjoy date night!

It's a new life celebration!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring really does bring new birth, and our small group is literally growing quickly! To date there are now 7 children with 1 more on the way! So today the shout out goes to our good friends Eric and Jessi and their brand new baby boy Isaiah Levi! I am so happy for them and this new phase of life, they are so going to embrace this precious new baby boy! Pic to come but little Isaiah was born Friday May 1 around 9 am! Congratulations!

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