A 10-Mile Race

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I've been awaiting an opportunity to really push myself mentally and physically for quite some time, the problem, well if I'm honest, not enough motivation.  I've also been awaiting an opportunity to support Pancreatic Cancer.  I found my perfect chance and I'm motivated.  Why?

For those that don't know, four years ago my step-father Jim, of 12 years passed away after a courageous battle against Pancreatic Cancer.  Though my relationship with him was always touch and go through my teenage years, I was always thankful for his place in my life.  I lived with him and my mom for years and by watching them the Lord opened my eyes to what a strong and faithful marriage was, what enduring and thriving looked like, and how to be passionate about something while also maintaining the utmost integrity.  He wasn't perfect, we all are not, but in those last months of his life, my eyes were opened to all I had missed out on in my years of adolescent angst.  I treasure those months deep in my heart.
His death was the first in my life of someone who had great impact on my life and of one I loved dearly.  I want to run for him and for all those who are affected by Pancreatic Cancer.  Why?  Because, of the 40,000 that are diagnosed a year, 37,000 die that same year.  Because of cancer research and experimental trials, Jim was able to live longer and with a better quality of life.  Every May it's still sad as our family mourns his death and yet we are so thankful that he's worshiping Jesus right now.
So I'm doing it.  I'm going to run in the Medtronic 10-miler in October.  I'm running the race, not because of me, but for him.  And just so you know, I was always a sprinter not a runner, until today.  Today I ran 7 miles, nonstop, and I will be running all the way until October, when I hope to make him proud and raise support for a worthy cause.
To an amazing man and my journey on the pavement.  I'm ready to run.


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