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Sunday, May 17, 2009

(alex and i at the reception; university club st. paul)
We had a very busy and very fun filled weekend.  My dear friend Cassie married the love of her life John in such an amazing and beautiful ceremony on Friday night.  I was honored to be her personal attendant and to be able to enjoy the day with her.
(brittany and i)
Leading up to the wedding, this past week was a little crazy as we frantically worked hard to finish some entries for the design awards for Remodeling Magazine.  Alex finished them on Friday and sent them in but from sun up on Thursday while alex was golfing with a friend, I was working on those awards.  So after work on Thursday night we both rushed to the rehearsal and dinner, at Buca.  So fun, delicious, and full of fabulous memories.
(cassie and i; isn't she gorgeous!)
Cassie is a friend of mine that I lived with before Alex and I got married.  She is so transparent and authentic and her heart is full of love, care and tenderness.  She is also one of my very girly friends; the more pink the better, and I so love that about her:) She and John have been dating for the past couple of years and I commend her and their future, praying God would give them many years together.  You see, John has cystic fibrosis and his future is only known by the Lord.  This made their wedding even more precious and touching.
Congratulations to you as you begin to discover the joy of marriage!!


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