Salvation Army

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

to those two or three of you who have not heard of this place downtown, check it's fantastic!  A dear friend of mine swears by this place, and now I understand.  I realize I am one of few who are finally enjoying this vast resource, but now that I've been I think I might be hooked.  The basement is a Target overflow extravaganza.  Make sure you wear a tank top if you want to try anything on, there are mirrors but no dressing rooms.

Salvation Army (basement)
900 N. 4th St 
Minneapolis, MN 
I've been there twice so far.  My deals:
- First trip:  a dress for an upcoming wedding $8, and my mother in law pulled it in so it fits perfect
-Second trip:  white jeans, LS shirt, SS shirt, wellies, and 4 t-shirts for Alex (all brand new mind you) $30
Can't beat that!


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