Fun with Alex and Andrea

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

have you seen Fun with Dick and Jane?  i think this movie is absolutely hilarious.  isn't that really what happens when things get a little crazy...we get a little crazy.

though we have not lost our jobs, nor are we facing the circumstances they are in the movie, one thing i relate to right now, is their desire to sell off everything they can.  remember in the movie when they have sold off everything and they are sleeping on the floor:)
well my husband has turned into a version of dick...he's dying to sell off everything we are not using regularly.  first the desk and tv cabinet, now the extra refrigerator, he wanted to sell our skis and life jackets but that was a little much...i mean, those are expensive and we might want those in a couple of years.  
i'm trying to tame him, but he's found the joy in...CRAIGSLIST.  help us!


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