Date night with the Brogle's

Monday, May 4, 2009

date night is not a new idea in our house. but we are trying to be more consistent. you see, life get's in the way. there's only so much energy. we do life together 85% of the time; working, sleeping, eating, talking. we are together a lot. hence why we need date night. because date night is not about work, food, talking, or sleeping. it's about having fun, and no computers are allowed. two happy people on date night. i like date night. this week date night was alex's choice. we rotate. then 50% of the time we get to do something we like. we are for the most part polar opposites in how we spend our free time. that's what makes life interesting, don't you think. alex chose el loro. amazing mexican food. and red box, james bond. it was really fun:) two happy people stuffing their faces. thanks for coming along. enjoy date night!


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