Barefoot Contessa

In my 30 Things you may have noticed #17...make all of our favorite BC Recipes.  Maybe you were unsure as to what that pertained to.  Well, you see, I have a *slight* obsession with Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa.  Some people really don't like her and others, well I'm in this boat, we love her!  I can't say she's my favorite to watch but one thing I can say is that I love her food.  Classic, elegant, and super easy!  I only have 5 of her 7 cookbooks so the recipes are only from the 5 I own.

She's queen of taking in season food and taking it to the next level without a lot of work. might think, wow those recipes must be hard, quite the opposite.  Few recipes have over 7 ingredients and hands down, I have never had a recipe fail me yet.  They are that good.  So here is the list, some I've made before and many I have not.  In the next year I hope to make as many of these as possible...
Here's to 30 and Ina Garten!
*the letter in () after the recipe indicates which cookbook the recipe is from--(BC) Barefoot Contessa Cookbook,  (BB) Back to Basics, (AH) Barefoot Contessa at Home, (HE) How Easy is That, (P) Parties
·         Fresh Lemonade (BC)
·         Pan Fried Onion Dip (BC)
·         Lemon Chicken with Satay Sauce (BC)
·         Vegetable Sushi (BC)
·         Guacamole (BC)
·         Crab Cakes (BC)
·         Parmesan Thyme Crackers (BB)
·         Campari Orange Spritzer (BB)
·         Roasted Shrimp Cocktail (BB)
·         Pomegranate Cosmopolitans (BB)
·         Savory Palmiers (BB)
·         Watermelon Mojitos (HE)
·         Roasted Figs and Prosciutto (HE)
·         Chipotle and Rosemary Roasted Nuts (HE)
·         Pink Grapefruit Margaritas (HE)
·         Roasted Eggplant Caponata (HE)
·         Grilled Bread with Prosciutto (HE)
·         Savory Coeur a la Crème (HE)
·         Baked Fontina (HE)
·         Fresh Whiskey Sours (AH)
·         Green Herb Dip (AH)
·         Fresh Peach Bellinis (AH)
·         Spicy Bloody Marys (AH)
·         Raspberry Vodka (P)
·         Rory’s Potato Chips (P)
·         Real Margaritas (P)
·         Hot Mulled Cider (P)
·         Cheese Straws (P)


·         Parkers Split Pea Soup (BC)
·         Cheddar Corn Chowder (BC)
·         French Onion Soup (BC)
·         Gazpacho (BC)
·         Lentil Vegetable Soup (BC)
·         Rosemary White Bean Soup (BC)
·         Roasted-Tomato Basil Soup (BC)
·         Cream of Fresh Tomato Soup (BB)
·         Roasted Potato Leek Soup (BB)
·         Pappa al Pomodoro (BB)
·         Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (BB)
·         Italian Wedding soup (BB)
·         Onion and Fennel Soup Gratin (HE)
·         Rich Beef Barley Soup (HE)
·         Mexican Chicken Soup (AH)
·         Ribollita (AH)
·         Fresh Pea Soup (AH)
·         Fennel Soup Gratin (P)
·         Chicken Chili (P)

·         Cape Cod Chopped Salad (BB) Very good.  Dinner 12/14/10
·         Old Fashioned Carrot Salad (BB)
·         Creamy Cucumber Salad (BB)
·         Roasted Tomato Caprese Salad (BB)
·         Roasted Pears with Blue cheese (BB)
·         Curried Couscous Salad (BC)
·         French Potato Salad (BC)
·         Grilled Lemon Chicken Salad (BC)
·         Fresh Corn Salad (BC)
·         Vegetable Coleslaw (BC)
·         Celery and Parmesan Salad (HE)
·         Watermelon and Arugula Salad (HE)
·         Greek Panzanella (HE)
·         Middle Eastern Vegetable Salad (HE)
·          French String Bean Salad (HE)
·          Wild Rice Salad (HE)
·         Bibb Salad with Basil Green Goddess Dressing (AH)
·         Roasted Shrimp with Orzo (AH)
·         Pesto Pea Salad (AH)
·         Guacamole Salad (AH)
·         Caesar Salad with Pancetta (P)
·         Chinese Chicken Salad (P)
·         Pasta, Pesto and Peas (P)
·         Tabbouleh (P)
·         Endive and Avocado Salad (P)
·         Tomato Fennel Salad (P)

Side Dishes
·          Broccoli with Garlic (BC)
·          Szechuan Noodles (BC)
·          Roasted Carrots (BC)
·          Roasted Brussel Sprouts (BC)
·          Roasted Baby Pumpkins (BC)
·          Potato-Fennel Gratin (BC)
·          Parmesan Smashed Potatoes (BC)
·          Fingerling Potatoes (BC)
·          Roasted Vegetable Torte (BC)
·          Spinach Pie (BC)
·          Confetti Corn (BB)
·          Orange Pecan Wild Rice (BB)
·          Baked Potatoes with Yogurt (BB)
·          Celery root and apple Puree (BB)
·          Oven-Roasted Vegetables (BB)
·          Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli (BB)
·          Chive Risotto Cakes (BB)
·          Pan-Roasted Root Vegetables (BB)
·          Roasted Parsnips and Carrots (BB)
·          Roasted Tomatoes with Basil (BB)
·          Garlic Ciabatta Bread (BB)
·          Roasted Artichoke Hearts (HE)
·          Snap Peas with Pancetta (HE)
·          Roasted Summer Vegetables (HE)
·          Scalloped Tomatoes (HE)
·          Garlic Roasted Cauliflower (HE)
·          Flat Beans with Pecorino (HE)
·          Rich Celery Root Puree (HE)
·         Warm French Lentils (HE)
·         Roasted Pear and Apple Sauce (HE)
·         Couscous with Toasted Pine Nuts (HE)
·         Tuscan White Beans (HE)
·         Garlic and Herb Tomatoes (AH)
·         Orange Honey Glazed Carrots (AH)
·         Broccolini and Balsamic Vinaigrette (AH)
·         Zucchini Pancakes (AH)
·         Herbed Basmati Rice (AH)
·         Green Green spring Vegetables (AH)
·         Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower (AH)
·         Broccoli Rabe with Garlic (AH)
·         Maple Baked Beans (AH)
·         Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread (AH)
·         Herb Roasted Onion (AH)
·         Roasted Cherry Tomatoes (P)
·         Garlic Roasted Potatoes (P)
·         Sauteed Fresh Corn (P)
·         Sauteed Asparagus and Snap Peas (P)
·         Popovers (P)
·         Cranberry Fruit Conserve (P)
·         Vegetable Pot Pie (P) 12/14/10 Yummy.

·          Truffled Filet of Beef Sandwiches (BC)
·          White Pizzas with Arugula (BC)
·          Dinner Spanakopitas (BB)
·          Soppressata and Cheese in Puff Pastry (HE)
·          Herbed Ricotta Bruschettas (HE)
·         Ultimate Grilled Cheese (HE)
·         California BLT’s (AH)
·         Caesar Club Sandwich (AH)
·         Tomato, Mozzarella, and Pesto Panini (AH)
·         Honey White Bread (AH)
·         California Pizzas (H)
·         Filet of Beef Sandwiches (P)

·         Baked Shrimp Scampi (BB)
·         Soft Shell Crab Sandwiches (BB)
·         Grilled Herb Shrimp with Mango Salsa (P)

·         Barbecued Chicken with Barbecue Sauce (BC)
·         Indonesian Ginger Chicken (BC)
·         Perfect Roast Chicken (BC)
·         Tuscan Lemon Chicken ( BB)
·         Coq au Vin (BB)
·         Chicken Bouillabaisse (BB)
·         Lemon Chicken Breasts (HE)
·         Jeffrey’s Roast Chicken (HE)
·         Chicken with Shallots (HE)
·         Chicken Picatta (AH)
·         Loin of Pork with Fennel (AH)

·         Filet of Beef Bourguignon (BC)
·         Company Pot Roast (BB)
·         Niman Ranch Burgers (BB)
·         French Bistro Steaks (BB)
·         Parker’s Beef Stew (BB) Dec. 8, 2010
·         Greek Lamb with Yogurt Mint Sauce (HE)
·         Steakhouse Steaks (HE)
·         Sliders (HE)
·         Grilled Steak and Arugula (HE)
·         Rib Eye Steaks with Cornmeal Crusted Onion Rings (AH)
·         Lamb Kebabs with Couscous (AH)

·         Pasta with Pecorino and Pepper (BB)
·         Spring Green Risotto (BB)
·         Weeknight Bolognese (HE)
·         Spaghetti aglio e olio (HE)
·         Spicy Turkey Meatballs and Spaghetti (HE)
·         Easy Parmesan “Risotto” (HE)
·         Lemon Fusilli with Arugula (AH)
·         Summer Garden Pasta (AH)
·         Spagettoni al Pesto
·         Orzo with Roasted Vegetables (P) Hand's down one of my favorites~again, made a lot!

·         Coconut Cupcakes (BC)
·         Pecan Shortbread (BC)
·         Raspberry Tart (BC)
·         Fresh Fruit Tart (BC)
·         Pecan Squares (BC)
·         Peach Raspberry Crisp (BC)
·         French Apple Tart (BB)
·         Fresh Lemon Mousse (BB)
·         Apple Dried Cherry Turnovers (BB)
·         Honey Vanilla Fromage Blanc (BB)
·         Honey Vanilla Pound Cake (BB)
·         Fresh Raspberry Gratins (BB)
·         Pumpkin Roulade (BB)
·         Affogato Sundaes (BB)
·         Baked Chocolate Pudding (BB)
·         Easy Cranberry Apple Cake (HE)  Super easy and very delicious!  SG Christmas Party 2010 12/19/10
·         Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake (HE)
·         Roasted Figs with Caramel Sauce (HE)
·         Chocolate Pudding Cream Tart (HE)
·         Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp (HE)
·         Eton Mess (HE)
·         Italian Plum Tart (HE)
·         Strawberry Shortcakes Deconstructed (HE)
·         Ultimate Peach Ice Cream (HE)
·         Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies (HE)
·         Fleur de Sel Caramels (HE)
·         New York Egg Cream (HE)
·         Lemon Yogurt Cake (AH)
·         Beatty’s Chocolate Ckae (AH)
·         Frozen Berries with White Hot Chocolate (AH)
·         Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars (AH)
·         Mixed Berry Pavlova (AH)
·         Coconut Cake (AH)
·         Pumpkin Mousse Parfait (AH)
·         Chocolate Sorbet (AH)
·         Black and White Angel Food Cake (AH)
·         Panna Cotta with Balsamic Strawberries (AH)
·         Chocolate Cupckaes and Peanut Butter Frosting (AH)
·         Ultimate Ginger Cookies (AH)
·         Peach and Blueberry Crumbles (AH)
·         Pear Apple and Cranberry Crisp (AH)
·         Summer Fruit Crostata (AH)
·         Caramel Pecan Sundaes (AH)
·         Ice Cream Sodas (P)
·         Lemon Cake (P)
·         Strawberry Country Cake (P)
·         Peach Raspberry Shortcakes (P)
·         Caramel Chocolate Nut Ice Cream (P)
·         Apple Crostata (P)
·         Plum Tart (P)
·         Carrot Cake Cupcakes (P)
·         Lemon Bars (P)
·         Old Fashioned Apple Crisp (P)
·         Double Chocolate Pudding (P)

·         Banana Crunch Muffins (BC)
·         Raspberry Corn Muffins (BC)
·         Cranberry Harvest Muffins (BC)
·         Cheddar-Dill Scones (BC) Too many times to count, they're that good!
·         Strawberry Scones (BC)
·         Maple-Oatmeal Scones (BC)
·         Sunrise Smoothies (BB)
·         Country French Omelet (BB)
·         Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits (BB) Dec. 8, 2010
·         Homemade Muesli (BB)
·         Easy Sticky Buns (BB)
·         Homemade Granola Bars (BB)
·         Blueberry Streusel Muffins (BB)
·         Fruit Salad with Limoncello (BB)
·         Easy Strawberry jam (BB)
·         French Toast Bread Pudding (HE)
·         Roasted Vegetable Frittata (HE)
·         Tri-Berry Muffins (AH)
·         Cranberry Orange Scones (AH)
·         Chunky Banana Bran Muffins (AH)
·         Omelet for Two (AH)
·         Maple-Roasted Bacon (AH)
·         Breakfast Fruit Crunch (AH)
·         Sunday Morning Oatmeal (AH)
·         Blueberry Crumb Cake (AH)
·         Anna’s Orange Marmalade (AH)
·         Irish Soda Bread (AH)
·         Roasted Asparagus with Scrambled Eggs (P)
·         Sour Cream Coffee Cake (P)
·         Tropical Smoothies (P)
·         Eli’s Health Bread (P)
·         Raspberry Butter (P)
·         Cinnamon Honey Butter (P)    

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