Friday, March 25, 2011

Been awhile since I've posted over here!  Oops!

This March we've been busy doing these things:

1.  Scouting out potential neighborhoods for foreclosures.  Though we signed another 10 month lease we are hoping to buy a house by the time our next lease runs out or right before.  So far we've narrowed it down to somewhere near a body of water I can walk around, ideally right around where we are now...unfortunately all the houses are out of our price range.  It feels horrible to wish for a foreclosure to pop up.

2.  Going to Movies.  These in particular:  Lincoln Lawyer, King's Speech, Unknown, The Fighter, & True Grit.  There are still so many I want to see.

3.  Dreaming of babies.  We're headed back to the Dr. in April after seeing some progress with the help of Metformin.  This is a pretty big leap for us.

4.  Running.  Well I have.  Alex *hates* running, loathes is probably a better description.  It's been good.  I'm up to 4 miles which is pretty good for this point and I'm signed up for a half marathon in July.

5.  Meeting with my Grad School advisor at the UofMN.  I'll be enrolling in a class for May session to slowly but surely attempt to complete my degree.  Not sure what will happen but excited to take some steps of faith here.

6.  Jumping up and Down.  After seeing South Face on the cover of this month's remodel section of Mpls/St. Paul Magazine.  We are pretty excited and just launched a small scale marketing campaign sending out the mag to get friends, family, and past clients hopefully excited to pass on our name!

7.  Dreaming of Golf.  This is what Alex has been doing.  He's hoping in less than 2 weeks that he will be able to play somewhere in MN.  I'm thinking he will be able to but until then the Golf channel has been on in full force getting his mind focused.

8.  Spending time with family.  My parents came up last weekend and my nephews and niece are coming this weekend with my mom and sister-in-law.  So excited for them to come!

9.  Massages and Haircuts.  2 weeks ago we spent the day getting pampered and most of you saw the results of that day.  Almost 6 inches getting cut off my hair.  Quite a new experience.

10.  Craigslist selling/Home sprucing.  Alex has been on a rampage to try and rid our home of things we don't need.  In all of our selling we were able to downsize our storage unit not only saving us money but decreasing the amount of work it will take to move everything next year.  Sounds good to me!

That's it.  Not much, but busy it seems. 

What have you been up to?

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