Our outdoor transformation

Monday, May 18, 2009

(note the barrel planter and window boxes)
Our house was in dire need of some curb appeal.  We have the cute window boxes and carraige garage doors already in place, but we needed a little sprucing up to make things pop.
On Saturday, Alex and I made a game plan and headed over to Menards.  So after shopping around a little, we found this was the best deal for plants and such.  Imagine our surprise, when after setting foot in the Burnsville Garden Center, their plants were not only cheaper but the best looking ones we've seen, and believe me we window shopped quite a few places...Yea!
I really wanted to spruce up our front door with a couple of urn planters, some plants, and hopefully a chance to use some spray paint.  I have been so enamored with this couple on their blog and after seeing all of their transformations, I was itching to spray.  Well we found some inexpensive planters and transformed them with a can of hammered black, glossy spray paint.  They look pretty good, I think!
transformed planter
(new planters by front door)
We also spruced up our entry stairs with some hosta plants and new mulch, while the window boxes were planted with some great green plants that will hopefully get a little bigger and fuller.  We were going to add some more plants to the boxes but instead opted to plant all the begonias in our old whiskey barrel planter from our wedding.
Next weekend we are hoping to finish the project off with a privacy fence on the southwest side of our property and a cover for our gas meter that is a major eye sore.  Stay tuned!


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