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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tomorrow we will be signing the closing documents on our 2nd investment property.  Most of you I am sure, are shaking your heads, wondering what planet we are from given our last experience.  Let me explain...

This is the house:
Isn't she a beauty:)

We are very excited to get started and get our hands on the inside of this house.  It's around 2000 square feet on the main level with around 800 to be finished in the attic and another 1200 finished in the basement.  Total square feet, around 4000.  

Here are some answers to some questions we have been asked:

1.  Do you remember last time?  Why on earth are you going through this again?

We do remember last time...vividly actually!  This time around we are far more financially secure, have   a kitty to live on and back up funds in case our budget is not set correctly. God did an amazing work last time, showing us that he not only provides but he is where we need to place our trust.  It's like anything in life, after going through something extremely trying the next time is usually easier.

2.  How on earth is this time better?  Were you planning this?

This time is better because we live in an apartment, our living expenses have been cut in half, and we have been saving, planning, and praying towards this next purchase.  Selling our house on the lake was a very big move in planning for this next flip.  In fact, that is why we sacrificed on price and chose to just get rid of it.  We wanted our money that was in it, out, so we could invest it somewhere else.  So yes, this has been in the works for some time.

3.  Are you nervous it won't sell?  When will it go on the market?

Since our trust is not fully in the housing market, no we are not nervous it won't sell.  We not only have enough room to lower the price multiple times but we also know that at the end of the day we can always move in.  Though that is not our first choice.  It will hopefully be ready to hit the market mid-summer in time for the fall market.  That being said, we trust our agent and we know the area, it's still moving.

If you have any other questions...please ask. 
I'm going to be posting pictures, 
plans and progress as the house unfolds:)


Charlie and Manda said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you guys and that god worked it out thus far. Andrea I admire your adventurous and supportive spirit. You are a woman whose faith is worth immitating. Love you.

Lisa said...

Cool! Sounds like fun. I'm excited to see how it all shakes down.

Sarah Hubert said...

Hey Andrea, were is the house? I feel like I've seen it. Or it just looks like an MN house. =) NEways, the flip sounds like fun! Blessings!

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