We have a camera thief...

Friday, March 12, 2010


Yup, you read that right.  Alex has taken the camera and called it his own.  For work, that is.  Yup...any chance of taking a random picture or using a camera at all for me will now be with my phone.  Not at all ideal.

The scenario went kind of like this...

Me:  "Honey, do you know where the camera is?  There are some things I want to take pictures of."

Alex:  "Oh, I'm using it for work now.  We'll have to figure out something else for you.  Sorry.  I guess you can use it if you really need it but then I need it back, ASAP!"

Um...WHAT!!!  I feel naked without access to a camera.  That may sound silly especially since I am not an avid picture taker.  But there are things not only for the blogs but for other life situations, that I like access to a camera.  So what to do?

We've had an in-house robbery and are now trying to figure out how to remedy the problem.  That's where all of you come in.  We have loved our Canon elph for so long, in fact it's the one Alex uses.  But for a long time I've thought a D-SLR camera would be the way to go, so we could also slowly try to start taking more in-house pictures of remodeling projects, rather than hiring out someone.  And, of course, I'm always up for a new hobby:)

That being said...now we need help.  We've realized that there are groups of people.  Canon lovers and Nikon lovers.  We don't want to spend a fortune and we'd love to utilize Costco as our store of choice.  Reasoning, we are trading in a couple of our ancient Apple I-Books in their recycling program.  Bonus, they will pay us for them in the form of Costco Cash.  This will then be used to offset the cost of the camera.

When we bought our last Canon Elph it was around $200 so we'd like to stay under $500 if possible for our D-SLR.

If you have one or have used one, can you please weigh in on your opinion regarding these 3 choices.  We are definitely opting for entry level at this point. 

1.  Canon XS with 2 lens
$599.99 with both lenses and a free $300 printer

2.  Canon XSI with 1 lens

3.  Nikon D3000 with 1 lens


Now for my questions:

1.  Is live view necessary?  Both canon's have live view capabilities and for shooting at odd angles on project sight, this seems useful?  Thoughts?

2.  Is the wider LCD screen better?

3.  Anyone have experience in beginner D-SLR cameras?  Or have one of the above?

4.  Is a second lens necessary for a beginner? 


Andrea J said...

My husband (Jesse) bought a Canon Digital Rebel XTi (I'm proud that I know that). He went entrance level with only one lens. He would love to have another lens at some point but has loved his camera with just the basic features. Our pictures are GREAT, and it has been nice to have. Now, carrying it around Yellowstone, I know he wished we had something smaller. :)

Nadine said...

No idea...I usually leave that up to the hubby, he's way better at all the technical mumbo jumbo ;0)I do know we have a Canon, but it's def. not the top of the line.

mmmbah said...

My husband also has the Canon Rebel and he really likes it.

My father, who does amateur photography and collects cameras loves both brands. Just find which camera you are more comfortable with and go with it. Once you choose, you can't go back, because the lenses are only compatible with one brand (and those suckers can cost more than the camera!)

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