The greatest game ever played...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

to us, well as I'm sure you have figured out already, that game is golf! Growing up, there was a golf club in my hand at an early age, we watched many a tournament on a nice Sunday afternoon, or Saturday for that matter, I knew the players names, I watched Tiger come on the scene, a favorite of my grandmother, who lived with my grandfather, months out of the year, on the golf course in Naples. One might say it's in our blood, but I would say we just like it. For me to have found a husband who enjoys the game as much as my father and brothers, seemed daunting, I didn't think it possible. But I found Alex, whom I tease for his mind boggling statistics of this player, on this day, years before he was born, who made this score, on this course. It's incredible folks, and yet I am sure that there are those who love the game even more. Alex and I, well we had our first date over a bucket of range balls in Edina. Nothing like golf to bring to people together. I am, what seems at first, a little cynical over golf. Most vacations revolve around which golf course he can play in his attempt to cross all 1oo off the list. Most weekend afternoons are spent with the announcers voice in the background. If I come across as a little cross, well don't listen. Because secretly, I love golf almost as much and makes me grin that he loves golf that much and that I can share this joy with him, walking along some of the most gorgeous landscapes, enjoying a round of 9 holes on a muni track, or cuddling up to him discussing the players on a Sunday afternoon. My friends, it's called bonding time at the Brogle household. Just yesterday, my loving husband, encouraged me to play along with him, despite the fact that I haven't picked up my clubs in over a year. We spent about what seemed like an hour at the driving range, trying to work out the kinks. Lo and behold, once my hands were screaming, from months of free time, we fixed my problem and I began to turn my hands over when I followed through. Who would have guessed that was the problem. I even went out and parred a few holes. By the end, I was so happy to have played, but I was dead tired and today when I woke up I realized one big detail.... I am a nine-holer from this day on...and that's that.


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