As for the past week...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

it's been a busy...but good busy. A little glimpse into the past week... New Year's Day- We had a bunch of friends over for a very casual and fun day of football watching, chatting, and enjoying the company of friends we haven't seen in awhile. That night, hungry as can be, Alex and I went in search of dinner, ending up at Davanni's. With pizza in hand we went home for a dlightful picnic on the floor. Friday- It was back to work for both of us, for me that meant playing monopoly with Riley and keeping the energy of three boys in check as cabin fever set in. Alex on the other hand was busy finishing up a basement remodel in Lakeville. That night we settled in for some comfort food and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Saturday- Another busy day. On New Year's Eve we had two showings of the St. Louis Park house. In turn, one couple was very interested and requested a second showing for Saturday. After a very relaxing morning, we got our act in gear, cleaned up the house, and headed out. Me to the Outlet mall in search of some great deals and Alex, to well, the backyard. He was set to head out in the work van but it wouldn't start. With me in Albertville, he was stuck to the van, so he holed up in there with blankets and work:) poor guy! That night we spent the night with Nate and Sarah from our small much fun getting to know them better! Today- Church, brunch with my great friend Shari and her boyfriend Mike and an afternoon of quickly getting our seller's disclosure finished, wishing my brother happy birthday, and relaxing. Alex just headed out to watch the game with friends so I am settling in with a new book! We're ready for the week ahead, please pray with us for God's guidance and hand in next days over the house in St. Louis Park. Oh that His will would be for it to sell!


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