A new day, a new jacket:)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

During the football games on New Years Day, the girls were chatting away, and my friend Nichole mentioned that there were some great deals at the outlet mall in Albertville. Always one for a great deal, I grabbed my christmas money and decided to head there on Saturday while we were having a showing at our house. I love the outlet mall, or any outdoor mall for that matter. The day wasn't horribly bad weatherwise out there, so I enjoyed the walk to and from various stores. There were indeed some great deals.
I was able to pick up a dress shirt and sweater for Alex for the spring and get a new jacket for myself. I have always wanted a puffy jacket, but didn't want it to make me look like a snowman when I wore it. At the Gap Outlet they had fabulous deals on their jackets, so after a phone call to Alex for the color choice (white or brown), I found myself walking out of the store with a new coat! Yea for a good deal.
Here it is:


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