Oh my, oh my

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I received a gift last night.  Not just one, but 25.  I’ve never been so overwhelmed, excited, patient, and surprised in a long time. 


Someone, maybe even a reader, gave me an advent basket.  Here’s a link to what an advent basket is: 


I opened my first gift this morning, the first day of advent, and I received the perfect mug for coffee.  I squealed with delight and went right over to the coffeemaker to fill it up.  I might just use it every morning until Christmas:)

Seriously, whoever you are, you made my night and my next 25 days.  What a blessing.  This year hasn’t been easy…it’s been trying.  I don’t want to seem contrite, I know plenty of people personally who have been through far more difficult things, but this season of life, as I’ve mentioned on here before, has been harder than others.  What a perfect way to walk into this new season of life. Not only do I have 25 gifts to bless my heart daily but I also have 30 great goals.  I’m thinking December 2010 through 2011 are going to be months to remember.

Thanks again Advent Basket giver…my heart overflows with gratitude.

ps…my blog friend Jackie revealed her first Advent Basket today too!


jackielopina said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Andrea I am SO happy you got an advent basket! Praise God for friends who love us well:) I will be thinking of you as we both get to open our little gifts and praying for you over the next month especially:)

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