Homemade Christmas Decor

Monday, December 6, 2010


I like trying to be crafty.

I usually try to pick things that are easy and inexpensive but don’t look cheap.  Sometimes I succeed and other times I fail.  But this idea I think was a success.

Yarn Trees.

Yup, I have a thing for trees around the holidays.  I just can’t stay away.  Last year I acquired all my natural and glitter trees for about a dollar after Christmas and thinking they needed some friends, this year I added some made from yarn.


Wish I could say I came up with the idea but I actually spotted a finished one at Michaels.  Which of course led me to the paper mache cone aisle to grab the necessary supplies.

Because I am a knitting failure I have plenty of unused yarn around our house.  I chose the gray which I think blends nicely with the rest of the forest!  Along with some adhesive we were set to go.  This project is extremely easy, would be good for kids, and is really fun.

DSC_0115 (2)(plain cone on left/finished on right.  I used mod podge for my adhesive.)


1.  Paint mod podge onto first quarter of cone, repeating as you go farther down the cone.

2.  Starting at the top, press one inch of yarn down from the tip and then start winding the yarn around that 1 inch piece to hold the starting line in place and to create a tip at the top.

3. . Continue winding adding more adhesive when you run out of room.

Next project:  Coffee Filter Wreath


Anonymous said...

cute!!! I LOVE that coffee filter wreath! I totally want to make that too!

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