Meeting my Good Nearby

Friday, December 3, 2010

"You're going to do something important someday. It may not change the entire world, but it'll change the world of the people around you. You'll be the good nearby....People don't realize good is closer than they think...the good nearby." (excerpt from The Good Nearby by Nancy Moser

I thought this book by Nancy Moser was good, though I can’t fully remember everything about it.  But the thing I did remember is how the grandmother spoke of Jesus.  She called him the good nearby.  Isn’t that the truth.  Jesus is the good all around us and he intercedes through people, circumstances, just about everything. 

My good nearby over the past 6 months has come over the internet.  A “blog” friend, who over the past months has come to be someone I can turn to and hear the Gospel.  Someone who’s walking the same road, almost identically.  Someone I am absolutely positive is a gift from Jesus.  I can’t even describe it very well, besides she beat me to it and anything I write doesn’t even do justice to the way she wrote about it.

And it all started here:

After leaving a comment, another blogger commented and then checked out our blog.  I love how things happen like this.  She said it so much better when describing what would happen later, quite possible the best birthday present a girl could ask for.

Jackie lives in Ohio, though I had to do a little digging to find that out.  Her best friend and her husband just moved to MN to attend Bethlehem Seminary.  Jackie is amazing.  And I got to meet her in person.


If anyone has ministered to my heart in the past 6 months, she has.  Through her own battles, struggles, ponderings, grasping of the Gospel.  The Lord has given her a spiritual maturity beyond her years, she’s only in her mid-20’s.  (hope you don’t mind me sharing)  I’ve been incredibly blessed by her, in so may ways.  Seriously, I’m sure Alex got tired a time or two over all the things I’ve shared with him about this other “blogger”.  :)

And meeting her was the icing on the cake.  She is not only gorgeous but so full of life and love.  We never paused for a minute and our time together was far too short.  I’m thinking a trip to Ohio is in order:)  It’s as if I’ve known her my whole life, that’s one of the reasons I love blogging.  Jackie, I’m so thankful the Lord encouraged you to stalk my blog, comment on a post, and contact me about getting together.

Makes me want to blog stalk all the more:)

Thanks Jackie for being my good nearby…I’m so thankful for you!



Anonymous said...

OH. MY. GOSH. You are the BEST!!! Started crying almost as soon as I started reading this post:) Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderfully kind words. What refreshment and encouragement to my heart!! PLEASE come to Ohio - - it's definitely not as exciting as MN but we could have a blast! Our face to face time definitely needs to be longer than 2 hours:) Hope to see you soon my sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

P.S - after I gushed about your post my husband said, "yeah, there's been a lot of blog on blog love going on recently." HAHA!!

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