A Run to Remember

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today was a big day.  I ran in and finished my first half marathon.  Thinking over that statement, I think I am still in awe of accomplishment.  Not only because I finished but because I raised almost $1200 in the process for Lorenzen Cancer Foundation, a leading non-profit that uses its money to fund Pancreatic Cancer Research.

I wrote about my stepfather Jim and my desire to run with a purpose back in May...see this post. Last fall while we were busy flipping houses, I decided to start running again to beat the stress...I mean, who are we kidding, at that point there was a lot:)  So then when it was too cold to run, I sort of just stopped exercising all together, unless you count a few random dates with Jillian Michael and her 30-day shred.  So when spring came around, I jumped at the chance to start running again.  So in May, I got serious.  I laced up my shoes, paired it with a race, and got going...training for what ultimately would be my first half-marathon.  So anyone can do it...3 months to a half!!

So back to the race...

Last night I was so nervous and giddy all in one little package, ready for the race.  I laid out my things, wrote a reminder note, and set the alarm for 5:15.  After an okay nights sleep, I awoke ready to go.

(here's my stuff...pants/shirt/socks, HRM and watch, Ipod charged up, waistpack with water, and shot bloks for extra energy)
(this is my friend Shari and I before the race...she did awesome!!!)
So after grabbing coffee and a peanut butter english muffin, I hopped in the car with Alex.  He so generously and lovingly drove me to Woodbury, held my things while I found the nearest port-a-potty...just in case, and came to four different mile markers to cheer me on...i love him.  There were around 400 people running in the race.
 To give some background, I haven't been training very vigorously, just trying to log some miles and get that long run in.  In the past 3 months, I've ran about 7 long runs, and lots of 3 mile runs.  Last week when I ran 10.5 miles I was averaging 12 minute miles, on Thursday I ran 2.5 at 9 minutes a mile, so for this race I was shooting for 11 min. miles, even if I came in dead last.  I was just trying to finish:)
(here I am gearing up for the start)
(here I am freezing hoping it will start soon...it was around 50 degrees this morning)
(around mile 6, jamming out to Third Day, Bebo, and others...getting my Praise on)
(crossing the finish)
Biggest accomplishment after raising money for a fantastic organization...I ran at a pace of...10 minutes and 30 seconds, torching 1200 calories!!!  Far beyond what I ever thought and ready to race again...it's fun:)

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