The Little Black Book

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last week, while putting all of our books on the bookshelf, I happened upon Alex's little black book. No, not that kind of little black book! This little black book was his journal, the journal he had while we were dating. And I did what most would do, I opened it. I read it from front to back! I mean, we're married now, what harm is there in that:) I was intrigued by what he thought, encouraged by his love for me, and reminded of his deep, deep love for Jesus. Here are some quotes (I asked his permission) that I happened to love...brought to you from the mind of Alex, through his little black book! -(Dec. 3rd-after dating 6 months) Things I'd like to tell Andrea: "I hardly want to spend time with anyone but you (why would I, you're my best friend) -(9/29-the night of our first kiss) "I wasn't even positive that I wanted to kiss her because I wasn't even sure if I was physically attracted to her...Boy did that turn out differently than I thought...she's amazing!" Don't worry that one made me chuckle, I knew that one already but it was just funny to hear it in his words...later he wrote how beautiful I was...God does amazing things:) To my best friend as we near three years...I love you!


Jamie said...

Aww...I have tears in my eyes! How sweet it must have been to read those things.

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