10 Realizations after a vacation in WI

Friday, August 7, 2009

Alex and I just got back from a 10 day "stay-cation" of sorts in WI. For the first time in our almost three years of marriage, we went back to my childhood home for more than a few days. This time around I wanted to eat at certain places, see certain people, and really experience and appreciate my hometown. This was NOT easy to do:) After living in MN for more than 10 years, being back in WI was a little shocking, but maybe not in the ways one would expect. So throughout the 10 day trip I came up with my top ten realizations after being back in my hometown...and these being said, I love my hometown! 1. Exercise is NOT a way of life. I realized this while Alex and I were playing Reid golf course, the muni track in town where my dad grew up playing. What did we notice...we were the only people over the age of 15 that were walking the course. This is a SHORT course people. It's just not the way of life. Sad:( 2. Life is much SLOWER. People live at a slower pace. They don't speed on the highway, you do not need to be a defensive driver, they enjoy relaxing, and seem to move, well just slower. 3. Appleton is a SMALL town with big city conveinances. I used to think Appleton was more metropolitan than it really is, in fact over the week, it dawned on me that it has lots of metro things like Chipotle, Panera, Godiva, a Coach store, etc. but the people, well they are unabashadly small town, and I LOVE it!! 4. The food is AMAZING! This is one thing the big city cannot replicate. I literally started salivating the minute I walked into Manderfield's bakery for my favorite donut I've been waiting 3 years to introduce Alex to. He agreed...they're the best. El Azteca, Friday night fish, Tom's Drive In, Manderfields, Nakashima, Pizza Palace, etc. Good food. 5. People love their SPORTS...Brewers, Packers, Badgers...It's a fact...we in WI love sports... 6. APPLE has not had the overwhelming success that is has in the city. In fact, there is no apple store...and not everyone is raving over it's newest creation. 7. The PHONE is still the way of contacting people. Unless you are under the age of 21, a person still makes most contact with another human being through the use of the home phone, office phone, or cell phone. No texting or email. Interesting:) 8. Driving 30 MILES really takes 30 minutes and most people think that is a long drive. As I hit up the outlet mall I realized that the EAA traffic everyone was talking about really only meant I would have a 5 minute delay in my 30 minute drive. There is no traffic as compared to the city, and yet most Appleton-ites would say they are starting to get a rush-hour. 9. An IKEA would not make it here. People are traditional in their stylings and still appreciate the solid oak cabinetry most here in the city would see as totally 80's and rip out. Modern has not yet left it's mark, nor has being GREEN for that matter:) 10. GROCERY shopping...this goes back to the food...no where else can I get squeeky cheese curds for under $3. Gotta love that. Along those lines include kaiser rolls, brat buns, mozzarella whips, and more. There is NO place like home. I love the smell, the sights, the tastes, the idiosyncrasies, the novelty, and the fact that almost all of my family is there. The memories, the schools, the people big or small, the noises, the parades, I love all of Appleton and I was so happy to see everyone I did, sad not to see those I missed, and thouroughly satisfied in my stay-cation....Looking forward to next year:)


Brittany said...

Loved reading this post :) b/c so much of it rings true for me as well... especially b/c we live in Austin. The GREEN capital of the world (ok, maybe it just seems that way!) but we are the headquarters of whole foods... oh and total side not. My dad used to be a part owner of Manderfields when I was a kid. Needless to say I've had my fair share of baked goods from there!

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