Apartment Living at its' Best!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We have a new home and it's at Park City West Apartments in Eden Prairie!! After signing away our house to the new owners last week, we are finally finding our way back into apartment living. For so many the prospect of going to an apartment can seem like wasted money and a step backwards. But for the Brogle's, moving to an apartment means less yard work, less money, and a step forward in investing. After much thought and the dismal options in our price range for a house, we decided on an apartment and settled on a 2b/2b apartment with 150 MORE square feet than our house, not to mention an increase in the number of closets...hurrah!! We also now have a fireplace, an exercise room, pool, tennis courts, and raquetball...anyone want to play? By no means will this be a permanent solution but for now and the next year or so, it's going to be home...and we love it! So if you didn't get an email with our forwarding address, pop me a email or text and we'll get it right over to you...


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