It's Bittersweet!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We are moving...and it's bittersweet.
Join us as we reminisce through our first place.
Six? years ago:
Alex purchases the decrepit house on the lake and after hours, weeks, and months of sweaty, manual labor with friends and family the first major renovation of his career is finished.
Almost four years ago:
Alex and I start dating...most of our dates are spent either at the golf course or at this house, down on the lake, cruising in the boat, pulling each other water skiing, and sharing our first kiss.
Three years ago (as of April 17th):
After a not so great night of poor communication, we sit on the landing enjoying the view with a glass of wine and move inside the house later where Alex confesses his deepest affections for me and was simple and yet so utterly meaningful.
Three years ago (on September 2):
Alex and I get married, spend our first night together in the house, and move in together and start the best years of our lives so this house.
Two years ago:
We finish the patio outside and the landing, clear out the crawlspace for more storage and dream of our future...flipping houses, kids underfoot, putting a second story on. We dreamed together.
One year ago:
We put the house on the market the first time, fulfilled one dream of house flipping and set our minds on fulfilling so many more of them. Alex wins an award for best design of a whole house under $200,000 for his house, now so much OUR house.
We say good-bye to OUR house. The house where we've learned to adapt to each other, love one another, fight with each other, dream together and live life loving Jesus together. It's our first house, a good house, OUR house. We'll miss you!


Lisa said...

Very well written Andrea! I'm practically crying...we'll say its the pregnancy hormones! :-) I'm excited for you guys though I totally relate to the connectedness that one can develop to a place. See you Wednesday!! (You'll be there right?)

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