We bought a house!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Well, we went and did it!  We bought a new house...  The new house is located in Saint Louis Park, in a great area.  Though we bought the house, it won't be ours forever.

We are embarking on an adventure...house flipping.  This house is in a great area, where houses are still moving and it was in need of a new floor plan.  This is right up Alex's alley.  I do not think that I have seen him so excited in some time.  The best part is that we are able to pick things out that we can get excited about instead of always having to be at the client's bidding.
It is so much fun.  We purchased it one week ago Thursday and already the new footings are poured and the first floor and bath upstairs are completely gutted.  No water, no bathrooms, no kitchen.  It's ready for some work and we are anxious to get it finished.  It will be ready in August and by then we will be moving in!  Our house on the lake is almost finished and we hope it is on the market in June!
We've got a lot of investments, so pray they sell!  This is so much fun...photos to come!


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