Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's my daddy's birthday today and not only a birthday but a big one...he turned 60 today!  Hope you have a great day day!

Last week, I was able to get back to Wisconsin to spend some time with my family...unfortunately Alex had to work, so I just went.  But it was great to see everyone, such a blessing.  I was able to stay at Chris and Jen's and spend some time with my nephews and niece...they are the greatest kids and it's hilarious to hear them call my name...Aunt Andrea Dunner!  (dunner was my brother Chris' nickname for me...well I guess it still is)

One night while I was there we all headed over to El Azteca, probably our favorite Mexican restaurant in Appleton...we basically took over the restaurant...it was funny!

Afterwards we did presents...the best part was seeing my dad's shocked face when my brother told him that he was taking him to the practice rounds at this year's Masters!  Have a great time guys!

Here are some pics from the night...Enjoy!


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