On the road again

Friday, October 15, 2010

And we arrived safely into Portland Maine today and we are ready for an adventure!

This is the first time we have ever traveled without a set itinerary.  We dabbled with adventure in Scotland last year and decided that this time we would live on the edge.  With lodging set for the next 2 nights we are settling in and planning where we will go next.  I’ll admit, it’s a little out of my comfort zone but I know it will make for a vacation to remember.

We headed out this morning after stuffing 3 weeks worth of clothing for every possible activity and type of weather under the sun into two small suitcases, armed ourselves with one overloaded purse and a full backpack and jumped on the plane.  With a short stop in Philly for a quick bite to eat we loaded back on the plane and arrived in Portland in no time.


Alex enjoying an authentic Philly cheesesteak


While that was enticing, I couldn’t resist Chick Fil A


Upon arriving into foggy and drizzly Portland, coffee was in order


Planning out tomorrow


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