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Sunday, October 31, 2010

we love cape cod style.


ever since we met, we’ve been dreaming of the house we will one day own.  yup…we’re not anxious to make the leap into home ownership.  although i miss certain aspects, but it’s worth the wait if we can one day transform a house into “THE house” for us.  plus a small mortgage wouldn’t hurt either:)


inspiration abounded on the Cape.  Yup, this is how we spend long, relaxing days in Cape Cod.  Driving around stalking other peoples houses.  gotta love it.  if there would have been open houses you better believe we would have scurried in.


our dream house is not big but styled after sarah susanka’s “not so big house” approach.  it has cedar shakes and rustic details. 


we love the idea of having one main house with space above the garage and outbuildings in the yard.  alex needs a workspace of course:)  it’s filled with comfortable furnishings and there is nothing pretentious about it.  a mix of rustic, traditional, and contemporary.  my dream is that it will have barn doors installed separating the family room from some other room in the house. 

barn doors make me swoon. 

dec-barndoors-rustic-425 yellow-sliding-door-l

                       BHC                                                        AT

there you have it…this is the recap of the next part of our vacation.  i guess if you need some other highlights we also visited one of the best outlet malls i’ve ever been to.  Restoration Hardware, Williams-Sonoma, Vera Bradley, and more.  mouth dropped wide open.  we’ve also eaten; hole in one donut shop, joes, and the bangkok kitchen for quite possibly the best pad thai i’ve ever eaten. laundry.  rest.

i love the cape.


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