4 years in

Thursday, September 2, 2010

and still I never want to forget how it all came to be

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8324-R1-09-10A 8330-R1-21-22A 8327-R1-35-36A 8330-R1-02-3A 8328-R1-01-2A 8332-R1-25-26A 8330-R1-07-8A 8323-R1-21-22A 8326-R1-16-19A 8326-R1-22-25A 8325-R1-32-34A8323-R1-07-8A 
Only by Your mercy can we come to You
Though we deserved Your judgment You have called us by name
So we glory in the cross of Christ that made us Yours forever
That joined our lives together to sing

Not to us, but to your name O Lord, be the glory

Thank you Lord for four years together, for knitting us into the best of friends, for growing us in love, and for teaching us more about how your church looks…

(Here’s a recap on our vows and how we celebrate anniversaries)

*all photos are taken by Karen Feder Photography and song lyrics are from “Receive the Glory” by Bob Kauflin, it was our special music.

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