Love/Hate with BCBS

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blue Cross Blue Shield...sometimes I like you and sometimes I don't. Kinda like, sometimes I feel like a nut, and sometimes I don't:)

Because we are self-employed, we have to pay for our health insurance completely out of pocket.  When I say we, I mean South Face, but who am I kidding...that's just code for...well us!  We don't deal with co-pays or incredibly good coverage for things you might not think are important, like Infertility.  But on the flip side, after our deductible is met, we have 100% coverage, on almost everything, not bad.  But enough about us, back to the love/hate.

Dealing with insurance over the phone or by message center, has been quite the headache but I think almost all health insurance is that way.  That is what I don't like.

What is it I love?  Our HSA.  Nothing makes me happier than paying our health care bills.  I know...paying bills can be painful...but I love it because we fund our HSA.  I just have one debit card to use, the HSA one.  Never having to worry about how to pay, I'm glad we have the HSA and have funds already there, especially when their are bills to the pile I'm paying today.

So Blue Cross Blue Shield, although there are things I don't like, thanks for creating an affordable, individual, health care plan with HSA.  That's nice.


Sarah Hubert said...

I sooooooo relate to all that is involved with the love/hate relationship with insurance co.'s when you are self employed. Kudos.

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