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Monday, February 15, 2010

I love a great deal, I mean who doesn't, right?  Whenever I have to run errands, I always have in mind things we might need at our house.  Are we out of socks, do we need new towels...that sort of thing.  I make a mental list and then I go for what we really need and if I find something on the mental list, I get that too.

Here are a few examples from the last week:

Fireplace tools/firewood holder-
While walking through Target to get a frame, these two things caught my eye.  We wanted these things for awhile and didn't want to spend lots of $.  Because who knows if we'll have a fireplace when we decide to buy a house.Even better news, they were 50% off.  Tools and holder for ~$20=a good deal.

Smartwool Socks-
I love Smartwool, they are so cozy and comfy.  I would wear them everyday in the winter if I could.  Problem, they are really pricey.  Well the other day I was at Nordstrom Rack, where they were $8.97.  
Down from $19/pair, this was another good deal.

Running shoes-
  Shoes kill me.  I cannot pay full price for a pair of shoes, ever.  
Running shoes are not cheap, especially the Asics gel brand that I like.  Again, Nordstrom Rack came to the rescue.  I happened to look, found the shoes, and they had a 50% sticker.  $100 shoes for $35.  Yea!

I don't usually buy every good deal, there are a lot of them out there.  But if I can save on things I already had to buy, that makes me happy.  Other great deals I've found in the past include an $80 dress from Banana Republic for $15, jeans for Alex from the Gap for $9.97, and my Keen sandals from REI for $14.  I love a good deal...I guess every once and awhile shopping pays off :)

I also really like checking out thrift stores/outlet malls/Homegoods/TJ Maxx...but those usually require a special trip.

What are your good deals you've found?  
Any special places you like to look?


Crystal said...

I always buy my smartwools from the rack! My feet can't survive minnesota without them...

Today had awesome deals at the MOA.. everything at Gap was 40% off... and even take 40 percent off of sale items too. And a lot of other places was take an extra 50% off of sale items. GO if you still have time :)

and have you ever been here? the "target bargain basement"?

it's a salvation army with target stuff in the basement. love it. addicting.

Anna S. said...

I had never heard of smartwools before I met Jesse, now I'm very glad I have some since I live in MinnSNOWta. ;)

Alex and Andrea said...

Crystal...I also love the Target bargain Basement...I posted about it here:

:) Great Deals!!

Crystal and Anna: I love that we all love comfy and cozy!

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