Interesting start to 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!  It dawned on me that 2010 marked the end of a decade...a decade that holds so many a memory for me!  From my freshman year of college until now so many things have happened.  I'm thinking of doing a flashback through every year of the decade!  Kind of fun to record history!

Starting from the most recent to the year 2000 coming up in the next few days...stay tuned:)

This new year's was really fun!  Alex and I headed back to WI for new years and the weekend that followed and after some recent events it will probably always be a new years to remember!

We spent new years eve with my mother, sister, nephews, aunt, uncle, and second cousin.  It was so much fun.  We ate yummy food and played lots of cards and because our tv does not get any stations we rung in 2010 listening to the radio, toasting with champagne!  It was so much fun!

The rest of the weekend we sledded with my niece and nephews, cared for babies, watched some movies, read books, had a dance party, and received a not so fun phone call.  Yesterday we awoke to a message from our apartment building.  What they told us was:  "Unfortunately there has been a water leak and your apartment was affected."  Yikes!

The reason why is still under investigation but they kindly moved all of our things out of our apartment into one on the third floor because they said are things were too nice to leave!  We came back this morning and peeked into our apartment.  What we found was a larger water leak than they let on to.  Our kitchen was gone, the bathroom was gone, the front closet, and the wall with the fireplace were all removed and stripped down to the studs.  I began having flashbacks of our friends' mishap with a water leak.  Water is not fun to deal with.  So they told us it would be a couple of weeks before we can move back in to our apartment.

Now for the frustrating part.  At this point, everything they moved, they did hastily and without much care.  Our belongings are now boxed haphazardly into random boxes and nothing is easy to find.  Also certain furniture items, maybe our tv, and some other things may be ruined due to water damage and moving damage.  But our computers appear to be working which is a huge blessing and our office was relatively unaffected.

So praying they can work quickly so we can be back home soon.  Currently we are in a hotel and actually, given that if we stayed in the new apartment we would not have any luxuries like internet, tv, or phone, it's a pretty nice compromise.  It will all be okay and renters' insurance is our ace in the pocket.  If you rent and don't have it, get it quick.  You never know when something can happen!!

pictures to come!


Brittany said...

wow girl, so sorry to hear that. I thought we had it bad... similar thing happened to us right when we returned from our trip to WI. Luckily we were home, so nothing was damaged~ but it would have been really bad had we not been around. We've got pics on the blog. Though,I doubt they'll look as bad as yours! Hope the mess gets resolved soon.

( for photos)

Alex and Andrea said...

Thanks Brittany...I went on your blog and saw your pictures...what a mess water makes! Hoping you have dried out quickly! It's not fun but again glad we can count the blessings as far as what didn't happen:)

Happy New Year!

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