2009-Year End Review

Sunday, January 10, 2010

As I thought about this new decade beginning I was reminded of the fact that the last decade marked my first 10 years of living in Minnesota...sweet memories:)

So here it is the 2009 year in Review!


Alex turns 30, we take a trip to FL, my in-laws celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, and we sign the paperwork for the sale of our first flip:)


Alex heads out on the annual ski trip to Montana, we move back to Prior Lake, and celebrate Valentine's Day with our annual heart shaped pizza!


Try to acclimate back to having a commute and living down south, begin attending south campus church exclusively, and decide now is the time to start a family.


Attend and manage the lunch at our church's Women's Conference, begin sorting through our storage area, and become neat freaks as our house is on the market.


Celebrate my friend Cassie's wedding as a personal attendant, enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and begin packing and selling our stuff.


My step-grandfather Herb passes away, we go camping with our small group, and I start to nanny full-time for the summer.


Prior Lake house sells, we move to our apartment, spend a week with my family in my hometown and welcome baby Jace to the family.


Ran in my first half marathon and survived, said good-bye to my grandmother Ruth, and rejoice at the beginning of school and the beginning of my new schedule, and welcome baby Jack to the family!


Leave for our second Europe vacation this time a sabbatical, enjoy sightseeing in Paris and London, and celebrate our 3rd year of marriage!


Finish our very enjoyable sabbatical, pursue infertility treatments, and head to Indianapolis to accept a design award.


Celebrate my 29th birthday, enjoy Thanksgiving in Mexico with my parents and little brother, and attend our 3rd COTY awards and the ASID awards.


Celebrate the birth of our Savior with family, spend lots of quality time with family, and host 3rd annual cookie exchange and a table at our church's Christmas luncheon.

So there it is 2009 in review!


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