And they lived in a hotel...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

For the past 4 weeks Alex and I have been living in the Hyatt Place.  Very nice hotel and must feel enough like home because after the first week ever reference I made to home referred to the hotel:)

After talking with insurance companies, finding receipts for ruined furniture, and slowly getting accustomed to the fact that it is not that difficult to live in a hotel...just takes a little imagination.  We are hoping that we will be back in our newly renovated apartment next Wednesday!  YAY!  So here's to hoping!

 Reflections after the Flood

1.  Our dining room furniture while beautiful, was too nice for any dining space we'd ever want.  And because we bought it for the flip we didn't feel justified in getting rid of it.  Well, it was the worst fairing piece of furniture in our apartment!  So we get to replace it:)

2.  We did not have to stand outside in the freezing cold for 2 hours while the fire department was dispatched for the water damage because we were snug as bugs in our beds in Wisconsin.

3.  Though furniture was damaged by the movers, we did not have to move anything out of our apartment and nor do we need to move anything back in.

4.  You are supposed to try and maintain a calm spirit during much more calm can you be when almost every daily stressor has vanished for the past 3 weeks.  That is the only advantage to hotel living.

5.  There is a gym in our hotel which I have been dutifully walking on to try and keep off any pounds that might want to take hold due to eating out 2 meals a day.  Hoping this will continue, at our apt. gym.

6.  We loved our apartment just the way it was...but we are going to love it even more after newly painted walls, new trim, new carpet, and all new cabinets and countertops.

Now we are back in our brand new apartment...and it feels so good to be home!


Anna S. said...

I'll bet it's SO nice to be back in your apartment - living in a hotel for that long? Wow, I might go stir crazy, glad you were able to come up with some positives! :)

Charlie and Manda said...

oo-ooo-ooooo! I wanna see pictures please. you have an iPhone. get busy!

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