We're back...and finally adjusted:)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We made it!  And what a welcome back we had!  My friend and her husband were staying in our apartment while waiting for their house to close while we were gone...I think we might need them to stay here again if we ever go away!  Coming home to a spotless house was an incredible feeling especially since it was 11:45pm.  Thanks Steph!

Our last days in St. Andrews were really nice.  Alex and I were able to hole away a bit in our great room at the b&b while the winds howled outside our window as well as get out and explore the beautiful countryside, once the winds subsided.  From Inverness we headed south to St. Andrews where we finished out trip.  A visit to St. Andrews, the home of golf, would not be complete without those last few rounds, so Alex was excited to hit the links.  This time he skipped St. Andrews (he played it last year and the Dunhill Links was going on) and headed to Muirfield and Royal Aberdeen.  Muirfield was the only course that would not let me walk with him, it's a gentleman's club...no women allowed.  I guess that's okay since it is the oldest Golf CLUB in the world.  So I was dropped in a beautiful little, seaside town where I relaxed with a mug of tea and was able to take in the gorgeous view of the ocean. 

We also had the opportunity to head to the Dunhill Links Tournament.  It's a tournament where the pros team up with ametuers including some well known people; Hugh Grant, Huey Lewis, Kyle MacLachlan, and more.  The second day was cancelled due to 70 mile an hour winds, so we were able to catch the last two days.  Best part, the tournament was free!  After the first day we watched, we happened to notice some of the ametuers giving autographs at the end, we low and behold we got Hugh Grant's!  It was very exciting b/c he is definitely one of our favorite actors and I must say I was hoping he might do a little dance, like in Love Actually:), but he didn't!

Our flight home was fairly uneventful as we left for the airport at 6am Scotland time (12 am here) and headed to Amsterdam, then to Detroit and then home.  We arrived back at 11:30 pm which was to our bodies, 5:30 am.  We managed to stay awake and it only took a couple of days to get back into our sleep pattern, surprisingly enough!  We are happy to be back and the Lord was so very good to us while we were there, strengthening our marriage, giving wisdom and direction for work, and just gave us a great time with Him.  It's good to be home:)


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