Fun and Cute Decor on the cheap:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

I was never one of those girls that loved decorating, placing things in the right spot, finding the perfect item to complete the look...that was until we staged our home for sale and completed the famed flip.  Then again I was never a neat freak either, that is until we did those things previously mentioned.

Now I am a self-proclaimed neat freak, tiding every corner of the house and a decorator at large.  I love almost every show on HGTV, love perusing blogs on decor and all things decorative, and have loved getting my hands on spray paint and look forward to many new creations in our future because of it.  I think it's a fun hobby...a way of making our house our home...and it is a great way to make our home our haven, a place to relax and retreat.

I take pride in being a "homemaker" as God has called me to be a woman who "looks well to the ways of her house" (proverbs 31:27).  As Martha Peace says "A Godly wife is organized and works hard to operate her home with the least possible chaos.  She also creates an optimistic, joyful atmosphere for her family." (The Excellent Wife, pg. 71)  Obviously our treasure should not be spotless homes straight out of House Beautiful, but a place that gives off the aroma of Christ, but I have to think there's some room for some flair!

So here's my attempt at fun and cute atumnal decor on the cheap to add some FLAIR:)

These are just mini pumpkins that I bought at Target for $4.99 for I think 6-8 mini pumpkins.  Spray with off white spray paint for cute and fun, simple and inexpensive pumpkins for perfect fall decor.  Why white?  Well it matches the soothing creams, tans and blues of our home of course:)

Total investment: $10  and an afternoon of fun:)


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