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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Have you ever felt that way? Our lives in the past week have been crazier than ever. Last week Alex was busy working on the houses, I was busy planning out the new kitchen and packing up our house, and over the weekend we were both busy serving at our church for our women's conference.

The conference went amazing...we had 392 women attend and as for what I heard, the speaker Susan Hunt, was sensational! Why didn't I hear it all? Well I was in charge of feeding the 400, or so I called it for the conference. We ordered lunches from Panera, but then with my amazing crew of 13 we fulfilled our duties leaving nary a crumb afterwards! It was a hit, but stressful as well. With my mom, Alex's mom, and Alex all helping it was so fun! But I am glad it was over. Hearing from many they seem to think that catering would be right up my alley, but due to the stress levels, I think I will keep it for special occasions. Though I did love planning the menu, getting everything together, and revealing the final product!

One more announcement...Our first OPEN HOUSE is this weekend. We don't really like to sit around much:) So pray we can get things ready. Though the landscaping is not complete, it's lake season and the best time to have our house open.

Here are the new pics from our new house. This last week the second story addition was framed in and today the roof is going's coming together!


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