New Photos of the New House!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

After the past few weeks, so many changes have happened over at the Kipling house (the one we will move into in August)! The garage has been built, everything has been framed, the master bedroom is finished, the soffits and fascia are being done, the roof is on, windows and skylight are in, and the new front porch is being finished.

Alex will be taking the next three weeks off to finish up the railing on the stairs to the lake and some landscaping at our house in prior lake. After that the drywall and such will be happening at the Kipling house, we will leave for our trip to Europe (yea!) and when we return all the fun things will be happening, paint, cabinets, etc.

Things have been moving along really smoothly with the houses. If only that were true for our cars. Two weeks ago I was rear ended and a couple of days later the alternator on the jeep went out. Thank the Lord that we have a work van so we could get around and that we did not have to try and figure out how to get a new car. The alternator is replaces, jeep is running well, and the honda will be finished in about a week. The rental car we have though is great...the little hyundai gets great gas mileage!

Enjoy the pics!

Skylight installed in the new mud room

New garage/access from the alley

New soffits/fascia

View of house from the alley



Charlie and Manda said...

WOW Alex and Andrea! What amazing work you guys have done! It looks great!

I like your blog too. Your "old" house is simply darling. And I'm very excited for ya'll...hope you have a blast on vacation! Keep in touch!

Hugs, manda

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