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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This past weekend we had our work cut out for us. We were scheduled to watch our nieces for the weekend while Alex's brother Jeff and his wife Patty were on vacation in California. No big deal, they are adorable girls! But then a couple of weeks ago we realized that the first trade show of the year was scheduled that weekend as well. Good thing they are only one day. So, could we handle it, of course we could. Were we dead tired by Sunday night, a little:)

So Friday we watched the girls and ended up having a movie night. Saturday Alex headed off early for Richfield to get the booth set up. That's it in the picture. Those panels are heavy. As his usual right hand chick for trade shows I am usually the one that helps carry them in and set the up. But this time the pop-in-law graciously helped out leaving me to the girls. The trade show was a success and some great contacts were made. We have been doing these for the past two years together and they have proved to be a great way to meet prospective clients and get our name out there for very little expense. Plus what could be more fun than hanging out in the school gym for an afternoon:)

Alex constructed the trade show booth himself so we are pretty proud of that beast. Weighing in at 60 pounds a piece, the booth is not light by any means. But attractive, yes that it is and it always seems to be a great conversation piece.

Business is going well and the bathroom project we were working on is now finished. We wrapped it up today and will have photos coming soon. Next up, an entire first level update and redo.

On the family front, Alex leaves this Thursday for the annual ski trip with the boys, this year in Lake Tahoe. Not wanting to be alone for seven whole days, I am heading up to Duluth for a spa weekend with one of the other wives. The thought of relaxing is music to my ears!


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