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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Well, we have officially made it to Florida.  After a very rushed day on Friday we actually were granted seats on a direct flight.  We had been receiving changes to our flights for about the past two months but after checking a couple of weeks back we erred and did not check the night before.  Morning of arrives, Alex checks at around 10am and our flight changed to 10:20am.  Well no way we were going to make it but we sucked up our pride and headed to the airport to try and see what could be done.  Well, a very nice and good Samaritan, well actually ticket agent, decided to extend Christmas kindness upon us and issued us tickets for the next outgoing flight.  We were ecstatic.

After arriving I hate to say it but we haven't really done anything.  I have laid by the pool, Alex has played 72 holes of golf.  Very relaxing vacation.  In fact, we were asleep by 11 on New Years!
Tomorrow we head down to my mom's condo in Fort Myers for a few days.  We will be visiting Naples so I can show Alex around to where I grew up coming for Christmas.  My grandparents lived down there.  
Actually the funniest thing just happened while watching the news.  Apparently we are supposed to be getting some cooler weather in Florida for a couple of days, low 50's to be exact.  The news anchor was just giving cold weather tips on the television and one of them included that homeowners should not use their oven to heat their house.  I never thought of that one, but it was enough to get us rolling in fits of laughter.
Happy New Year~


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