Boo Hoo...the hubbies gone!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well today Alex left for vacation. He is in Lake Tahoe on the annual ski trip with his friends. This year though there was a slight change and they are playing golf as well in San Francisco. I would have to say that I think Alex was more excited to golf than ski! I know this might sound a little sappy, but I really do miss him when he is gone. So much so that since he is gone for seven days, I decided that I need to get away as well. Tomorrow me and a friend of mine are heading up to Duluth for the weekend and Saturday we are going to the spa for the day. Hopefully it will be as relaxing as it sounds! A couple of weeks ago Alex and I found a new small group through our church. The group has about 10 other couples in it, so it has been a great way to meet some otehr couples. I think that has been one of the more difficult things to establish since we have been married, actually finding married couples that we both enjoy spending tiem with. But this group of people are really nice and fun! One other note, I was asked by the head of our women's ministry to be on the planning committee for the women's retreat this spring. Susan Hunt is the speaker, an amazing woman of God. I am so excited for the opportunity to be mroe involved, through the task at hand may seem daunting. I need to have the lunch catered in and plan all the logistics for an estimated 700 women. Pray for me! Hope all is well...I miss Alex!

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